Running Linux/Samba File Server on Novell Network

naughton at naughton at
Wed Dec 29 20:53:13 GMT 1999

I am trying to set up a department file server.  The Samba/Linux
combination is what I am most familiar with.  We are currently running a NT
workgroup, no PDC, Novell netware clients, on a Novell network.  I have set
up Samba file servers before, but only on an NT server network.  I just
need to know if this will simply show up in the network neighborhood, and
our group can map drives, etc.  Our user authentication in through Novell,
and the NT stations have to be set up for each user (no PDC).  Will there
be any problems seeing the Samba server on the network from NT, (will IPX
and SMB peacefully coexist).

Lastly, how could I run the Samba server as a PDC to eliminate having to
setup each machine for every user, am I looking at big problems with the
Novell server.  Most of the mailing lists info I have seen says to dump the
Novell server entirely, but I don't manage that one, and that's a little
more than I had in mind.


Dan Naughton

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