Erronous disk full message

Rune Mossige Rune.Mossige at
Wed Dec 29 13:24:28 GMT 1999

Have anyone else seen messages generated from MS apps saying:

'An error was encountered writing the file' and then get the normal
'Retry', 'Cancel' and 'Help' boxes.

Pressing help only show the usual vague message:
'You are attempting to save a file on a disk that is full'

There are lots of space, and the only odd thing is that it
is another UNIX user that own the file (with mode 666).

If I, as root, change owner of the file, then the user can save
his work.

Do anyone know of a workaround? Any other tools I can use to
try and track this down? I have tried with debug level 10, but'
could not spot anything.


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