Q: directory mode = 1777 doesn't work ?

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Tue Dec 28 21:05:27 GMT 1999

Giulio Orsero wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Dec 1999 03:58:18 +1100, hai scritto:
> >This has been fixed in the CVS sources. Here is the patch.
> >Hope this helps,
> samba 2.0.6 + patch on linux 2.2.13 rh60.
> The patch doesn't work for me.
> 1777 has no effect.
> Moreover it breaks setgid dirs:
> stock 2.0.6: if the top shared dir is 2770, then if you set
> directory mode = 2770
> the subdirs you create through samba are 2770 (though you cannot get
> 2770 with force directory mode if the topdir is not setgid).
> With the patch the subdirs are created 0770.

Remember, "directory mode" is only an AND mask. Just
setting it will allow such a mode to be used but not
do it by default.

If you want to *force* (ie. OR) a bit, you must
use "force directory mode".


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