One NT & Unix Password

Tom Harris TomH at
Tue Dec 28 15:02:36 GMT 1999

I have used samba for the past two years using an NT Server as my
PDC/password server  and AIX for mounting samba shares and printing.  The
AIX host also runs other applications that require telnet login.  I would
like to stream line the password policy process (i.e.. only one password for
NT/Win98 and Unix logins without the user having to do separate processes to
change passwords).  I understand that the PDC functionality in samba
requires a separate password file rather than the native Unix host password
(back to 2 password processes).
Has anybody accomplished this?  Are there any third party applications that
bridge NT & Unix passwords?  Please feel free to clear up any confusion that
I might have stated about Samba PDC and passwords.

Thanks in Advance

Tom Harris
DP Department
Denton CAD
tomh at

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