Cross-subnet, multiple workgroups

Alex H. Vandenham alex at
Mon Dec 27 18:07:47 GMT 1999

The samba configuration on the local LAN works great but, I am trying to set
up samba to permit browsing of two workgroups on different subnets and
getting very close but not quite the results I want.  Remote shares can be
mapped to a local drive using "net use * \\remotehost\remoteshare" but in
windows explorer the remote workgroup is not browsable : there is a "computer
could not be found" error when browsing of the remote workgroup is attempted
(both workgroups are show up in explorer).  

The configuration uses a local master and domain masters on each subnet and
there is one WINS (samba) server that both clients point at. The samba server
that is NOT the WINS server is set up to proxy wins request.  I have tried
putting the remote host names in the local hosts file, in the local lmhosts
file and in the hosts & lmhosts of the samba servers, all with no change.  I
know this is a name resolve issue but I can't figure out what I'm missing. 
Some ideas or possibilities would be appreciated.   


Alex Vandenham
Avantel Systems

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