Samba PDC: 98 client unable to locate user list.

Reid, Rowan (GSP) ReidR at
Mon Dec 27 14:24:28 GMT 1999

I just set up my samba box as a pdc on small (4) network that I have at
home.  whenever I specify user shares 
on my 98 client it is unable to get the user list from the Samba.   I am
able to log on without problem as multiple
users. I also notice that when I logon on my 98 client it copies config
files every time I logon.  I imagine that I 
may not have the necessary shares setup. I am running 2.0.6.  unfortunatle I
dont' have access to my smb.conf
file (I used SWAT). What am I missing ?

Rowan [TSS]
Gerber Scientific Products

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