smbmount, error=-3

Jon Shemitz jon at
Sat Dec 25 07:27:17 GMT 1999

I recently added a Linux box to a formerly all-Windows network, and one
of the first things I wanted to get working was file sharing between my
Win98 laptop and the Linux box. I got Linux to see the laptop via
smbmount, and finally found how to get this to happen every time the
Linux machine restarted. But (seemingly every time I turn the laptop
off) the smbmount fails. Attempts to ls the mounted directory yield

  smb_retry: signal failed, error=-3
  smb_retry: signal failed, error=-3
  ls: /mite: Input/output error

Attempts to smbumount or to re- smbmount yield similar results: multiple
"signal failed" messages. Restarting smbd/nmbd doesn't change anything.

I have two questions, that I couldn't seem to find answers to in the

1) Am I correct that this is caused by turning off the laptop before

2) Is there any way to clear up the error state, short of rebooting

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