Possible problem with SAMBA 2.0.6 distribution for HP?

Ariel_Orellana at penoles.com.mx Ariel_Orellana at penoles.com.mx
Wed Dec 22 16:55:00 GMT 1999


I downloaded 2.0.6 and compiled under HP-UX 10.20, gcc 2.8.3 and 
everything funtioned properly, except for smbrun, which didn't link.

I started looking around for it in the binary distributions available 
(2.0.3 and 2.0.4a) and found it was also missing here.  Lastly, I 
sarted asking other hp sysadmins if they could send me theirs, turns 
out NOBODY has it, even after compiling with several combinatios of 
HP's ANSI/C and gcc.  I tried, with help, since I'm not that proficient 
at tracing bugs under unix, to patch the makefile but made things 
worse.  So, I might have run into some problem as yet unfixed.

If anyone with HP 10.20, or 11.00 for the matter, has been able to link 
smbrun, could you send along the tip/binary for smbrun?

If not, is this a known bug/problem?

If this should turn out to be an undetected bug, is there anybody from 
the developers monitoring the list who I could work with in solving 
this thing?

Ariel R. Orellana
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