should i use "locking = No" or "fale oplock = yes" ???

tbsky_lee at tbsky_lee at
Wed Dec 22 16:05:30 GMT 1999

i have two share refer to same directory
     path = /var/share
     read only = no

     path = /var/share
     read only = yes
     fake oplocks = yes

  is this setting correct ? or i should use "locking = no" at "share-2"

  i read smb.conf man pages and it recommand "fake oplock".
  and man pages say we shuldn't set "locking = no"

 but  i read the book "Using samba" it recommand "locking = no" ???
 which one is correct ? and how about "oplock level II " ???
 thank for reply !!!

Best Regards,

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