Veto files option not working

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Wed Dec 22 13:22:47 GMT 1999

Matthew Halliday wrote:
> We're getting very close now to having our RH6.1 server as we want it.
> Just a few anoying things left to iron out so we can trial it properly
> prior to going live.  One of them is the "veto files" option in
> smb.conf.  We want to stop users on Win95 clients from seeing (or
> deleting) the dot-files in their home shares.  I've tried the above
> option, I've tried "hide dot files" but nothing works.  I've upgraded
> from the RH6.1 default of Samba 2.0.5a to 2.0.6 this morning in the hope
> that it may cure the problem, but it hasn't.  All the documentation I
> have shows I'm doing nothing wrong.  Does anyone have any bright ideas?

The workaround I use is:-

        comment = User Home directories
        path = /home/%u/shared
        read only = No

Then, they can't get at them at all... Not perfect, but it does the job.


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