2.0.6/Sol. 251/NTW4 - Drive mapping anomaly

Henchey,Jean L. jeannie at mitre.org
Wed Dec 22 08:43:44 GMT 1999

Yes, I see these problems, too.  We automatically map drives for users
when they login.  For reasons I cannot explain, they enounter two
strange problems on occasion.  First, users seem to loose their
credentials with samba.  When they first connect, they appear to be
authenticated by our PDC and are given a vuid (valid uid, right?)..but
later, they appear as nobody.  A simple remapping of the drive clears
things up.  Second (this is a strange one), one of our users has
problems saving files to the samba drive.  NT reports that the drive is
full.  (The samba drive is on a raid array and there is plenty of
space.)  I'm not able to repeat these errors and I've never encountered
the problems -- which makes it even more frustrating.  I'm using the
same configuration as the subject line, except I'm running on sol 2.6. 
Any ideas what to try next?

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