How to print from Unix to Windows

Brian Servis servis at
Tue Dec 21 09:46:21 GMT 1999

*- On 21 Dec, Ramesh Babu wrote about "How to print from Unix to Windows"
> Hi everyone there,
> 	I use SGI O2 machine with IRIX 6.3 and I have SAMBA 2.06 installed
> on it. Now I want to print from my unix box to a HP Laser Jet 6MP printer
> attached to a Windows 95 PC. Does anybody know how to set it up. My unix
> comes with a GUI to set up printers and has Drivers for HP LJ 6MP ( though
> I do not know where exactly the drivers are). Any help in this regard will
> be appreciated.

Look at the smbprint script that comes with the source in the
..../examples/printing directory.  It is self documented in the
comments.  You basically set up a print filter on you local machine that
sends the data via smbclient to the shared printer on the Win machine.

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