2.0.6/Sol. 251/NTW4 - Drive mapping anomaly

Robinson, Mike MRobinson at sdli.com
Tue Dec 21 09:46:42 GMT 1999


I had the same problem, but mine started with an NT installation which was
successively patched up through SP4, SP5 and SP6 (with hotfix!). I also
don't run a login script but mapped the drives F:, G: and H: by hand with
instructions to reconnect at next login. The additional drives connected
like I: thru to O: as the share connected to F:, then P: was always the
share connected to G:, and then Q: to W: were (again) the share connected to
F:. These would map downwards from I: over the course of several hours, so
by about lunchtime I had a full set. These drives were not persistent, i.e.
would not remap at next login, but would function correctly as normal
network drives.

I put the problem down to the way in which I installed my system because I
have drives C: thru E: as Win 95 and then I installed NT to F: with G: and
H: as CD-ROM drives. I then hacked the registry to move the NT partition to
X: (and the CD drives to Y: and Z:) (this is why the shares were never
connected beyond W:) and I wondered if I had done some damage so that this
mapping behaviour could take place. Unfortunately, we'll never know because
my NT partition destroyed itself last week and I had to perform a complete
NT reinstall and the behaviour no longer occurs (though NT was installed in
the same way as before).

Are there any other common factors? I only had network drives set as
persistent and "automagically" mapped from our primary Samba box, an
UltraSparc 1 running Solaris 2.6 and Samba 2.05a. I use other Samba servers
on site (2.03, 2.05a and 2.06) and these are mainly Intel-RedHat 5/6 boxes,
but no shares from these have ever displayed the same behaviour.

Weird? No kidding!

Mike Robinson

>> Has anyone seen the following anomaly?
>> When I first connect to the Samba server, I run a logon script that maps
>> 5 shares to drives F,G,H,L,M.
>> Some time later, when I check "My Computer", I find that the share
>> mapped to H: has been mapped to all the remaining drive letters as well!
>> For example, after I mount /users on G: and /programs on H:, I'll notice
>> at some point later that I also have /programs mapped to I,J,K,L,M and
>> so on through Z. I don't know when this actually happens since I notice
>> it through the course of a days work. Has anyone heard of this before??
>> I'm running NT4WS/SP6.
>I  have  had  the  same problem with Samba 2.0.5a-1 / NT 4 workstation
>-SP6.  The  only  fix I was able to come up with was to not map drives
>in  a  logon  script  but map normally through Network Neigborhood and
>select  to  reconnect at logon. This is definitely a wierd problem and
>my guess is that it is a SP6 problem.
>Chuck Smith


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