Win 98 Authenication problems....

Richard Fein feinr at
Mon Dec 20 21:23:51 GMT 1999

 Well, it's been several weeks since I made a fairly detailed post to
the list regarding problems I was having with the Win98/Samba
authentication process.  I haven't received any solutions, but 3 or 4
other people have emailed me saying they have the exact same problem.
Reinstalling Samba 2.06 via RPM seemed to fix the problem temporarily,
but it's returned. The authentication problem is caused by Windows
sending only an Uppercase version of a cached password, and never trying
either mixed case or asking for a new password.  

 The Password level option would probably help but it's astoundingly
slow.  An 8 character password is only 256 combinations, why does it
take 45 seconds to try them all on a fairly fast machine? 

 I suppose using Encrypted passwords might solve the problem but that
creates the situation of the UNIX and Samba password files being
potentially different, which I think is a bad idea if it's possible to
avoid it.
 Is there anyone from the dev team who can offer ANY suggestions? It's
getting awfully to hard to justify Samba/Linux as a better filesharing
solution than NT....

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