Problems With Win2K RC2 and Samba

Jon Stanley jstanley at
Mon Dec 20 20:40:17 GMT 1999

I've been through the archives of this list, and from what I can see, Win2K
should be working with Samba just fine.  But it doesn't.  Whats happening is

1) Browse through My Network Places to the samba server (not in my
workgroup, but that can be changed if need be)
2) When I double-click on the Samba server, it MAY prompt for a username and
password.  I give a valid one.
3) Win2K then says that the server is not accessible because "The remote
procedure called failed and did not execute"

I'm no expert with tcpdump by any means, but I CAN see that there is netbios
traffic being exchanged between the two machines, I can send a file
generated by tcpdump -w if that would help.  Any suggestions?

BTW - same hardware on NT4 (dual boot system) works without a problem...

Kernel Panic: error reading /dev/caffeine

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