Probs with SAMBA(HPUX)<->NT connection

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Mon Dec 20 19:09:24 GMT 1999

Hello Peer,
Along with the testparm output, it would be great if you could add as 
attachements to your message the following:
1. exact failure senario on the NT side (how does it fail? do you get a access 
denied when trying to access the share, does the share not show up at all, does 
the SERVER not show up in the network neighborhood, what?
2. output of the following hp-ux commands:

    -ifconfig lan0
    -ifconfig <any other lan card, if you have multiple>
    -smbclient -L <yourhpuxsambaservername>

3. Change log level to 10 in smb.conf and try your NT test again, and then 
append the log file
   generated in the samba/var directory that looks like "log.<whateveryour NT 
netbios machinename is>

What I would hope to get out of all of this is:
1. the exact symptoms of NT not being able to connect/view their $home share
2. what HP-UX network configuration you are using, in case Samba defaults for 
interface/subnetmask are 
picking up the 'wrong' networkcard/ip pair.
3. information that shows WHO the attempted connection is being made on, and 
where it is failing.

Hope This Helps,
Don Mccall
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