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Mon Dec 20 18:00:12 GMT 1999

> There is a new regedit file in Samba 2.0.6 for Windows Terminal Server
> Edition that sets a MultipleUsersOnConnection value to 1.  I can't find
> any documentation about this regedit in the source package or using a
> search of the Samba website.  In Micro$oft's knowledgebase articles
> Q190162, Q233082, Q231798 and Q191370, it would appear that the value
> should be set to 0 rather than 1 for the best effect from the Samba
> point of view.
> Can anyone shed any light on this?

We are using NT TSE + Samba for homedrives with Lotus Notes for E-mail.
At first we were nastly bitten by oplock break failures: this gives an
unexpected network error in Notes and the application has to be killed. But
after disabling oplocks our problems were not 100% solved and our NT admin came
up with an article from the knowledge base: Q233082.  You seem to have already
read that.

This article says that applying this hack enables multiple outstanding network
requests (which i consider to be normal in a 'multi user' environment, but
Microsoft seems to have a different opinion). When we applied this hack
several problems were gone: the remaining 'unexpected network errors' (probably
due to time-outs) were gone. The hangups of the userinterface (which sometimes
became unresponsive for about 30 tot 60 seconds) and finally the
percieved performance of the whole environment became smoother.

In short i would say that Microsoft just choose an unfortunate name (and a bad
default as well) for this key.



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