Few questions 2.0.6 is there a network neighborhood like app for linux(KDE) and tweaking more speed on moving files.

Reid, Rowan (GSP) ReidR at gspinc.com
Mon Dec 20 16:35:11 GMT 1999

ok I finally got 2.0.6 up and running, much thanks to those who helped.
currently I have it set up on a 166, with a 2gig drive running suse6.0 with
kernel version 2.0.36.  I am using an NT PDC, with samba authenticating via
the server.  a few things.  For some reason periodically when I browse the
my home directory will not show up. now that i think I may be logging in as
but why would it only do it sometimes.  I am starting smb via a script that
is loaded
in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d which seems to work ok. the only thing it takes the
system a good
minute to show up on the network.  are there any tips to increase speed. I
am going to
load  it on a 450MHz box with 64MB of memory that way I can compare it to NT
which was previously installed.  I am using a backwars way of testing the
speed and
that is using thumbsplus to browse all the cached images from netscape.
now of a better means ?

The second question: Is there a means by which to browse a network
graphically, much like network
neighborhood ?  I am running KDE 1.?   I am looking into how applicable it
would be to
have a linux desktop on an NT network.  So far I haven't seen any utilities
that would allow me
to graphically browse a domain and so forth.

Rowan [TSS]
Gerber Scientific Products

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