Probs with SAMBA(HPUX)<->NT connection

Dr.Peer-Joachim Koch pkoch at
Mon Dec 20 16:31:38 GMT 1999


I have the following problem. We are using a linux box
for the export of $HOME to NT-clients. All NT clients
are patched not to use encryp. passwords.
Now I tried to move everything to a HP9000(11.00).
Samba (2.0.6) installation was easy. I've just moved the
working smb.conf to the hp and it won't work. :(
I tested everything from a linux box as described in
diag.txt and it works. Everything I tried from a NT box
will not work!
Encription is disabled on the samba AND on the NT side.
Has anybody a idea ?
I can mail the testparm output, if it is helpfull.

Please send a copy to my e-mail adress.

Thanks, Peer 

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Biogeochemie
Dr. Peer-Joachim Koch
Tatzendpromenade 1a          Telefon: ++49 3641 6437-52
D-07745 Jena                 Telefax: ++49 3641 6437-10

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