From Win98, Samba always says its guest

McCurdy, Dennis Dennis.McCurdy at
Mon Dec 20 16:16:38 GMT 1999

Ok, I bought the book, read the Samba web pages, and tried several things
over the past 8 months. On the Unix side (FreeBSD) I tested Samba using the
10-step process I obtained at a web-site and everything tests ok - I can log
into Samba using any of the accounts I setup and everything works great. On
the Win98 side, I can even use the Unix printer services just like I'm
supposed to, but whenever I log in to try to map the home directories the
Samba log says I'm logging in as "guest" rather than the user login I'm
actually using and the service is denied. I've used regedit to set the Win98
to not encrypt passwords. I'm also not using an NT server to act as a PDC
(this setup is at home, so I'm not too concerned about security). How do I
get Samba to recognize a valid user ID from the Win98 side? Is there
something else on Win98 that needs to be configured?

Dennis L. McCurdy (dennis.mccurdy at
McKesson/HBOC Advanced Laboratory Group

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