2.0.6/Sol. 251/NTW4 - Drive mapping anomaly

dennis dennis.moreno at pop.safetran.com
Mon Dec 20 15:47:05 GMT 1999

Has anyone seen the following anomaly?

When I first connect to the Samba server, I run a logon script that maps
5 shares to drives F,G,H,L,M.
Some time later, when I check "My Computer", I find that the share
mapped to H: has been mapped to all the remaining drive letters as well!
For example, after I mount /users on G: and /programs on H:, I'll notice
at some point later that I also have /programs mapped to I,J,K,L,M and
so on through Z. I don't know when this actually happens since I notice
it through the course of a days work. Has anyone heard of this before??
I'm running NT4WS/SP6.


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