A question about file locking

Michal Jezierski heja at xox.pl
Sun Dec 19 22:07:40 GMT 1999

Hello List,

This is a remark rather than a problem.

I use RH Linux 5.1 with Samba 2.0.2.

Recently our filesystem has been made full due to misconfiguration of
mail handling software. Anticipating DoS condition I hurriedly removed
Netscape Inbox file, which contained gigabytes of trash, from within the
server console, forgetting to close client's Netscape first.

It did not prevent disaster, though.

Although the file has been removed, Samba has been still locking it,
resulting in df command indication of 0% free space. This has been until
I have shut down the locking workstation (closing Netscape did not
help). After all has been fixed, I wondered why I could remove the file
without the system complaining about it being in use.

I do not feel like a un*x guru, but:

Doesn't Samba 2xx compiled on RH Linux support kernel locks?

Is this a bug or a feature?



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