printer problems

Steve Litt slitt at
Sun Dec 19 14:11:59 GMT 1999

Additional info needed: Amplify on "just does not work". Exactly what
happens when you try to print?

What OS? What Samba version? Did the Samba come with the OS?

Outputs of the following commands:

testparm -s | grep -i print

testparm -s | grep -i lp

Are files piling up in \\%h\printer$

Steve Litt

At 07:42 PM 12/19/1999 +1100, JamesNCPA at wrote:
>is there anyone out there who can help me configure a samba printer share.
>have done everything i can think of or read about and it just does not
>thanks in advance.  
>current printer share setup
>create mode = 0700
>printable = yes
>printer driver = HP Laserjet IIP
>printer driver location = \\%h\printer$
>path = /var/spool/samba
>printer = lp

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