Group Policies not loading under win98se

Andrew Bell andrew at
Sat Dec 18 00:09:03 GMT 1999

For group policies to work, does encrypted passwords need to be used?  I'm
very very frustrated right now.  I have worked over the past three weeks
on trying to get Windows98 to download group policies... however it keeps
downloading the USER policy instead of the group policy of that user..  I
have tried everything that I can think of and have gone through all the
support pages and haven't found anything.  I'm about ready to call it
quits if I can't get this to work.  I am running this with win98 2nd ed. /
Redhat Linux 6.1 / Samba 2.0.5a.  I have added all the users into the
/etc/group file but still no luck.  Any help on this issue would greatly
be appreciated.  If you need any info that I haven't given, please

Thanks so much.

Andrew Bell
USD 299
Systems Administrator

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