Win9x printer automatic installation

Mark Cooke mpc at
Thu Dec 16 20:33:13 GMT 1999

Hi everyone,

I've had automatic printer driver installation running fairly nicely
for a while now, but getting the drivers for your newest printer to
automatically install completely is a pain in the neck.

Basically, everything works except for adding a new section to
win.ini, and a registry entry for the printer. All the driver
files get copied over, and the printer appears as one would expect.
However, the QMS (magicolor 300) driver customizes the 'Setup' button
on the details page, by just adding a section to win.ini, and a
registry key

Key: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\control\Print\QMS\QMS magicolor 330
Entry: DevFileName
String: %11%\QMSMC330.PPD   (%11% is replaced with C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM)

[QMS magicolor 330]

The qms provided .inf file has additional sections for ini file
updates and registry updates, but I don't see how to fold these
into the 'printers.def' scheme, where the qms inf file isn't even

A couple of questions:

1. Has anyone done 'automatic printer driver sharing' where the
   printer driver in question needed a win.ini / registry setting?

2. Does anyone know if it's even possible with the printer
   auto-install mechanism?

3. Anyone have any pointers / documentation on the printer
   auto-install mechanism (over and above those in the samba tarball)

None of this is a major showstopper here - just extra steps and
support calls to walk people through the new printer install.

I can send the qms.inf file to anyone that's interested.

Best Regards,


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