DOS wildcards w/ 2.0.5a

Wolfgang Albrecht Wolfgang_Albrecht at
Thu Dec 16 20:27:20 GMT 1999


I had the same problem. Some Dos apps on W98 and W95 Dos-boxes
found only the first file in a directory. I wrote to this
mailing list some months ago, but nobody could reproduce the
problem. I told it to SuSE. They reproduced it, and they said,
it was fixed between 2.0.5 and 2.0.5a. I'm sure, they fixed a
Dos wildcard problem, but it was not the problem I had.
Not all Dos apps have this problem, most of them work fine,
but a few do not.

I found out, that setting

   nt smb support=no

in smb.conf fixes the problem.

During the last months, I did some updates, a new Netware client,
vredir.vxd was updated, and W98 was updated to W98 II. On the
W98 II PC, the problem is gone. On NT 4.0, the problem never
existed. On W95, it is still there.

Unfortunately I can't tell you, which of the updates on W98 made
the problem disappear. But maybe it is the update to the second

On W95, I have vredir.vxd version 4.00.1120.
On W98 II, I have vredir.vxd version 4.10.2222.
But I'm not sure, if vredir.vxd causes the problem.

Using Lanalyze, I tried to find a difference between Samba 1.9.18
and Samba 2.0.5a. If the Server runs Samba 1.9.18, and the
client looks for *.*, Win 95 asks for files matching
????????.???. If the Server runs Samba 2.0.5a and no
nt smb support parameter is set (default = yes), Win 95 asks
the server for files matching >>>>>>>>">>>. But I don't know

Solutions? Either, you use Win NT on your clients. Or you
try to update to W98 II (but I'm not sure, if it helps).
Or you set nt smb support=no in smb.conf.

I hope this helps.

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