Samab and init.d

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Thu Dec 16 16:43:09 GMT 1999

Hi Rowan,
The main difference in starting from inetd as opposed to running smbd and nmbd 
as daemons is connect time for each user - if you start as daemons, they are 
always running and listening on the ports, so there is no delay in spawning a 
new smbd to handle a client connection.  If you let inetd handle it, then you 
save a little on resources ( one instance each of smbd and nmbd) but INETD must 
actually spawn the smbd process when a request comes in for that port, so it's 
a LITTLE bit slower.  In my mind, not a big deal.
I will be interested to see other responses as to any other caveats, as I 
haven't looked too closely at this; I start it up with a script, myself.
Hope this helps,

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