DOS wildcards w/ 2.0.5a

Fred Viles fv at
Thu Dec 16 06:24:52 GMT 1999

As a followup to my own post, I've installed 2.0.6 now and it has the 
same problem.  I've compared testparm output between the 2.0.5a and 
1.9.18p10 systems looking for config differences that might explain 
it.  No luck.

This is bugging me, since it breaks a couple of still very useful 
legacy DOS apps that I use frequently.  Any advice would be much 

| I've recently set up a new server running RH 6.1 and Samba 2.0.5a. All
| our older servers are running 1.9.18p10, and were left that way on the
| "If it ain't broke" principle. 
| On the new server, I've noticed that DOS wildcards don't work 
| correctly for some (but not all) old 16-bit DOS programs running under
| Win95/98. The symptom is that the program only "finds" the first file
| matching the wildcard spec. 
| The WHATSNEW.txt file says that 2.0.5a contains a fix for a DOS 
| wildcard bug, so I'm wondering if that fix fixed one thing and broke
| another. 
| I did search the archive of this list, and was surprised to find no
| mention of this problem. Does anyone have any ideas? 
| TIA... 
| - Fred Viles <mailto:fv at> 

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