Windoze workstation hangs accessing certain files on the Samba Share.

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Dec 15 21:43:04 GMT 1999

At 10:47 PM 12/15/1999 +1100, Peter J. Holzer wrote:
>On 1999-12-14 08:12:53 +1100, Steve Litt wrote:
>> Same drill. Using a binary editor, split the file in half and see
>> which (if either) half produces the problem. Keep on splitting. If
>> we're lucky you'll manage to get a 100 byte file that crashes Samba.
>Other idea: Rename the file to check whether it is the content of the
>file or its name.
>	hp

Good call, Peter! Probably the same is true with its permissions,
owner/group, etc.

Steve Litt

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