Interface binding ignores my settings in 2.0.6

Tyson Bigler bigler at
Wed Dec 15 15:16:51 GMT 1999

I have a multi-homed server with interfaces into two VLANs (one Unix and one
NT).  I need for all Samba traffic to go through the NT VLAN interface
(which is not the primary, of course).  Under 2.0.5a I was able to do this
with the "Interfaces" option by specifying the NT interace first (I did not
do the "Bind Interface Only").  However, 2.0.6 seems to ignore this setting
which causing traffic to be routed which, of course, degrades performance
somewhat (okay, a wire speed (OC-12) router would be nice :-D).

I can see that Samba "adds" the interface for the NT VLAN in log.smb.
However, snoop tells me it's not using it.

[1999/12/15 08:56:42, 2] lib/interface.c:add_interface(83)
  added interface ip= bcast= nmask=

Any thoughts??



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