A web based file/directory permissions system for Samba users

Martin Brown brownm at sg.adi-limited.com.au
Wed Dec 15 02:18:04 GMT 1999

We have a large (about 150 concurrent users on a Sparc3000) samba
based NT network. I am the only UNIX guy here and so I decided to
develop a permissions interface for the helpdesk people to use for
doing the UNIX chmod/chown/chgrp type stuff that's required to
administer the system.

Common user requests are:
"Can I have access to..."
"Can you create a read only area for these people..."
"I can't write to..."

The browser is PERL scripted with some SUID C-wrapped scripts for
doing the business. I have it running under apache in a password
protected cgi-bin directory.

My PERL etc. is pretty elementary and I don't feel really qualified to 
develop it properly beyond its currently just-usable state. Would
anyone on the samba team be interested in taking this on?

I have some screen shots if anyone's interested but I didn't want to
attach them as they're quite large and would no doubt annoy a lot of

      Martin Brown, UNIX and Network Systems Administrator
      ADI Limited, Systems Group, Australia, 612 9325 1645
brownm at sg.adi-limited.com.au martin.brown at member.sage-au.org.au

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