problems with encrypted passwordsHi

Natalie Marquez natalie at
Tue Dec 14 21:11:31 GMT 1999

Hi -

I have a problem using encrypted passwords on samba.  Here it is:

I am running samba 2.0.5a on slackware.

I am trying to connect to a PC running Windows 98.

When I enable Plain text passwords on the Win98 PC, set encrypted
passwords to "no" I am able to logon from the Win98 PC perfectly.

But when I disable plain text passwords on Win98 PC, set encrypted
passwords to yes, create my smbpasswd file with the passwords from my
unix passwords file - I keep getting the message that my passwords is

I ran testparm on smb.conf to see where it was looking for my
smbpassword file and I have it in the correct it is looking for it -
/usr/lib/samba/private/smbpasswd.  I also have all the correct
permissions for these file/directories.

Any suggestions?

Thanks - Natalie Marquez

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