Windoze workstation hangs accessing certain files on the Samba Share.

Ethan Vaughn vaughne at
Mon Dec 13 20:25:47 GMT 1999

Thanks for the input Steve.

I've located that it is a single file (6MB size). Everywhere I move or copy the file to will then have this problem. I removed the file from
the directory and now the hang is not happening. I first thought it was read-only or owner, group access, but I've changed owners and groups
and flagged it 777 with no help.

Then I thought size, but I have a 10MB file stored the same way, with the same read-only properties and owner-group access that is not causing
a problem. I also have a different subdir with about 12 files in it, none of which are bigger than a meg, and it /was/ causing this problem
late last night, but now no longer causes the problem.

If anyone on the list has any ideas, throw them my way. I'm going to try some smb.conf options (like TCP_NODELAY) and such get back with you.
Unfortunately, we will have to continue this thread next week since I'll be out of town the rest of this week.

BTW. Gerry, please let me know what you find. Maybe we can solve it twice as fast with both of us working on it.

Steve Litt wrote:

> You've almost solved the problem. Either the shear number of files creates
> the problem, or certain of the files create the problem. Repeatedly move
> half the remaining files until the problem goes away. When it does, take
> the files just moved as a group and repeat the procedure. Sooner or later
> you'll isolate the offending file, or prove that the problem is the shear
> number of files.
> You're almost done.
> When you find the offending file(s), you can report to the list what the
> problem was with the file(s) so we can be prepared for the same problem.
> Steve Litt

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