How do I set up trust relationships in SAMBA

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Mon Dec 13 20:02:45 GMT 1999

Hi Rob,
Maybe there is another way to 'skin this cat'...  where are the resources that 
the users are going to connect to residing? when you talk about a 'print 
charge-back system' do you mean that NT clients will be attaching to the SAMBA 
server to access printers?  If this is the case, perhaps you could set up all 
of your printer shares such that guest access is denied, and have the samba 
server set up in security=user mode.  that way when an NT client tries to 
attach to one of your printers, he will have to supply a connect as username 
and password that will be validated against the /etc/passwd entries on your 
samba server.  
Or are the printers on the NT side, and your UNIX users wanting access to them 
via smbclient?  If you can define more specifically what you are trying to do, 
maybe there is still a way that Samba can help you out!
Hope this helps,

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