timestamps corrupted?

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at zh.unipektin.ch
Mon Dec 13 17:36:44 GMT 1999

I' m running samba2.03 on Linux kernel 2.0x.

Last time I recognized that some folder and files seemed to
be dated with a wrong timestamp.
I point it out for a folder called pictures
The listing with ftp with Windows MS Internet Explorer 5.0:
13 14:28 picture   File Folder   01.01.80 12:00

An the other side (Linux):
drwxrwx--- 13 owner public 1024 Dez 13 14:28 pictures/

I've read a lot about timestamps and so on, but I do not know which
apllication has corrupted
my timestamps. It seems to be a bug of samba ? because under linux the
listing is ok.
When I look at the same folder with the Windows Explorer the properties show:
monday, 13. dez 1999 14:28:25 (german time specification), it seems to be
ok, too?
I' m really confused where is the mistake and I wan't to know how I can
correct the timestamps
that the files and folders are listed correctly in every application (some
ftp clients have the same
problem as the ftp of IExplorer!)
touch of fles/folders didn't help.
And the second question is which application is corrupting these files
(smbclient, I'm using it very few)?
Can somebody help me?

Greetings Ralf

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