Samba on RedHat 6.1

Matthew Halliday matthewh at
Mon Dec 13 16:04:24 GMT 1999

We're trying to get samba running on a RH 6.1 server installation,
runnijng as a trial.  So far we can only see the server on 2 NT 4/SP4
workstations and not on the Windows 95 clients, and then only if we do a
Start/Find/Computers.  I can map a drive to a share, and can reconnect
to it after rebooting the NT workstation, but can't see the server in
Network Neighborhood.    TCP/IP is running fine - I can ping both ways,
I assume NetBIOS is not running properly.  How can I check?  smb.conf
seems fine, inetd.conf also looks good.  It's taking us ages to sort it
- can anyone help please.

Matt Halliday            matthewh at

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