Using the Connect as: field in NT fails to authenticate

Alvin Dulcan dulcan at
Mon Dec 13 15:20:53 GMT 1999

I found that putting the domain name in the connect as field works.
It had to be in all capitals in my case.

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> Subject:        Using the Connect as: field in NT fails to authenticate
> Samba users,
> I asked this question before but didn't get any responses so either no
> one knows or it just got missed, so I'm going to pose it one more time
> just for good measure....
> I am using samba 2.06 on aix432 with domain level authentication and it's
> working great. However, when I want to connect to a share as a user other
> than the user that I logged into the domain with - using the "Connect as:"
> and
> "Password:" fields in NT4.0, the authentication fails. Has anyone been able
> to make this work, without a workaround like using the 'net use' command?
> I should in theory be able to browse the share, double-click it which will
> pop up a ConnectAs/Password window, type in any userid that exists in that
> domain along with the password and be allowed access to the share. Thanks
> for any help you can provide me with,
> Duane Ryan
> Midrange Server Infrastructure
> duane.ryan at

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