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don_mccall at hp.com don_mccall at hp.com
Mon Dec 13 13:43:30 GMT 1999

Hi Tom,
Same problem, different flavor - now you make the directory Executable by 
ppsuser (you can cd thru it) but once you are there, you cannot SEE the files 
in the directory (took away read access on the directory from the ppsuser 
group...).  Problem is that Samba does different things depending on whether it 
is checking for the existence of a file or trying to open a file.  Bottom line 
is that with the mix of smb requests that come from a client in order for a 
program to read a file, the user accessing the file must have 'x' rights 
(either thru ownership,group membership, or 'other' permissions)to each 
directory in the path TO the file, as well as 'r' rights to the end directory 
the file exists in.  And finally, of course, the program must have 'r' rights 
to the file itself in order to open it for reading.  
I don't see any way short of modifying the code to allow what you are trying to 
do the WAY you are trying to do it. However if your database application will 
allow you to change the name of the file, you could 'hide' it by prepending a 
"." to the beginning of the name. That way the client would actually have to 
change his folders view options to 'show all files' to see the file.
Hope this helps,
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