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Rudolf Kollien Rudolf.Kollien at
Mon Dec 13 11:08:30 GMT 1999

We runned into similar problems with McAfee's TVD. It's a problem for most
virusscaners to do on-access scanning on network drives. It's not directly a
problem from the virusscanner, it's more a problem of the network drivers of
WinXX. While transfering the file from the network the data is scanned. Some
scanners seem to be to slow on scanning. So WinXX thinks the connection was
broken or hangs. As a workaround: disable all network drives for on-access
scanning. McAfee's newest scan engine seems now to work correctly too.

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> Hi!
> I've installed RedHat 6.1 on a Pentium 233. I'm using samba 2.0.5a which
> came with RH6.1. On another PC (Pentiun-II 400) I've installed Windows
> NT 4.0. These two PC's are connected to the same network. I've
> configured Samba to share the home directories on the Linux System. I'm
> able to reach my own homedir from NT. Within NT I've assigned this share
> to drive L. I'm also running AntiVirus Pro 3.0 ( with
> background monitoring enabled. This software installs these services:
> - F-SECURE Filter
> - F-SECURE Gatekeeper
> - F-SECURE Recognizer
> I'm also using Netscape Communicator PRO 4.7. Recently I've moved my
> Netscape-profile to drive L (my homedir). Then I started Netscape, but
> it hangs. I'm able to kill Netscape, but then I can't reach drive L
> anymore. When I restart NT, I can reach drive L again. This always
> happens when I start Netscape. Unfortunately I don't have the samba
> logfiles anymore, but I recall 'log.nmb' reported that a certain
> connection has timed out and the process has been killed. When I disable
> AVP's background monitoring, I'm able to start Netscape without any
> problems! Now I'm using Norton Antivirus 2000. When I turn on Norton's
> background monitoring, I don't get any problems with Netscape either!
> What's wrong here?
> David

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