file-permition samba vrs novell !

Ing. Thomas Margreiter tm at
Mon Dec 13 08:12:14 GMT 1999

hi there ! 
I want to change a novell-netware server to a samba server, and 
there i have a big problem with the file-permitions ! 
we use a big database-system. the clients  searches for the 
programs and for the data's on the same drive, so i must have one 
share with different rights (rwx ... for data and rx for programs)
the directory structure is the following:
      \flex31d ........ programs
      \pps ....... datas

... the problem is, that if a windows-client uses the explorer, he can 
in an easy-way delete move ... all the databse ! 

in the novell i deleted the file-scan permition for the vol1\pps .. so 
each client could see an empty subdirectory of pps, but the 
database could touch all the files in it. 

i samba i tried the following:
       \vol1\flex31d         r-xr-x--- root ppsuser 
       \vol1\flex31d\file1  r-xr-x--- root ppsuser

       \vol1\pps        rwxrw---- root ppsuser
       \vol1\pps\fileb rwxrwx--- root ppsuser

..... in this example, i can't touch the file fileb as a memeber of the 
ppsuser group ?!

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         2nd mailto:t.margreiter at

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