Samba writing speed with big blocks

Andre Grueneberg andre at
Sun Dec 12 17:59:31 GMT 1999

  -=( Hi Petr )=-

Petr Sulla schrieb:

 > If I change the block size to 65488 or more, then the writing speed
 > falls down to 3 MB/s, which is not what I expect from a 100Mbit
 > network :\ 

I had some similar experiences, but the transfer rate decrease by a factor of 
n*ten (from 5MB/s to ~120KB/s). I have had a 3com 3c905 card. After replacing 
it with a RTL8139 powered NIC, I got 5MB/s at all block sizes (tested it up to 

10MB block size using OS/2 client with a DEC Tulip NIC). I also experienced, 
that two Win95 systems didn't have these speed increases (with various kinds 
of NICs (RTL8139, 3c905, DEC Tulip, AMD)), but after running Win98 or NT on 
them, I got the full speed.

BTW: No settings in smb.conf changed anything of this behaviour. And why are 
you that diappointed about 3MB/'s a great value...;))

 > Please help, because my boss already makes unpolite notices about
 > Linux and threatens with installing NT on the server and I would be
 > quite unhappy if this would happen.

Has he tested, whether NT can use the above rates?

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