Problems with recursive MPUT

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Sat Dec 11 12:03:15 GMT 1999

I'm running samba 2.0.5a on a Sun Sparc 5 with Solaris 2.6 and trying to
use smbclient to copy an entire directory tree to a Windows NT 4.0 box.

I'm using the recurse command and can create first level directories but
I am unable to create new subdirectories in any of them.

For example I created the following directory structure on the Sun:

	1 % ls -R
	d1/  d2/

	f11   f12

	d21/  d22/  f21   f22

	d211/  f211   f212

	f2111   f2112


When I copy this to the NT box directories d1 and d2 are created OK but
it appears that samba is attempting to create the subdirectories with /
instead of \ in the athname.

This is the output when I run smbclient to copy the data:

smb: \> recurse
directory recursion is now on
smb: \> prompt
prompting is now off
smb: \> mput *
putting file d1/f11 as \d1\f11 (2.832 kb/s) (average 2.83203 kb/s)
putting file d1/f12 as \d1\f12 (3.54 kb/s) (average 3.1467 kb/s)
ERRDOS - 123 making remote directory \d2/d21
ERRDOS - 123 making remote directory \d2/d22
putting file d2/f21 as \d2\f21 (3.54 kb/s) (average 3.26773 kb/s)
putting file d2/f22 as \d2\f22 (3.54 kb/s) (average 3.3318 kb/s)
smb: \> quit

I've full access rights to both the destination directory and the share so
I don't think it can be a permission problem.

Any suggestions?

Mike Clarke

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