How do I set up trust relationships in SAMBA

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Dec 11 01:38:58 GMT 1999

Rob Tanner wrote:

> What I need is the other way around.  The SAMBA server has all the user
> accounts already.  It's the NT PDC that needs to get at it.  According to
> our NT expert (that isn't me) that means the PDC has to trust the SAMBA
> server.  He can set up the NT PDC to trust SAMBA, but how do I tell SAMBA
> to let itself be trusted?  (In the NT world, even in a one-way trust
> relationship, both sides have to agree to it.)

Ok, now I understand. Hmmmmm. The code to do this doesn't
exist in Samba yet, sorry. It shouldn't be that hard to add,
based on stuff that is already in the CVS HEAD branch, but
it isn't in the stable code base yet.

Unfortunately it isn't easy to get an NT PDC to authenticate
against anything other than another NT PDC as the protocols
are proprietary & undocumented. It's actually much easier
to get a UNIX box to authenticate against NT I'm afraid as
the methods are documented and replaceable.


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