How do I set up trust relationships in SAMBA

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--On Friday, December 10, 1999 5:26 PM -0800 Jeremy Allison
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> You don't need a trust account or even a Samba PDC to do this. So
> long as the account names are the same in the UNIX /etc/passwd and
> NT SAM databases then just put the Samba server into
> the NT Domain (see the Samba docs for details) and then
> set up the Samba server in 'security=domain' code and
> point the 'password server =' line at the PDC/BDC's.

What I need is the other way around.  The SAMBA server has all the user
accounts already.  It's the NT PDC that needs to get at it.  According to
our NT expert (that isn't me) that means the PDC has to trust the SAMBA
server.  He can set up the NT PDC to trust SAMBA, but how do I tell SAMBA
to let itself be trusted?  (In the NT world, even in a one-way trust
relationship, both sides have to agree to it.)


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