samba v DAVE

Arlen.P.Walker at Arlen.P.Walker at
Fri Dec 10 17:25:31 GMT 1999

samba server 2.0.6
DAVE 2.1
DAVE 2.0

When the DAVE 2.1 client tries to connect with samba, it gets an error that
machine name doesn't match. This DAVE client connects with NT systems fine,
and other Windows systems connect with samba fine, so it's just samba and
DAVE that are having this failure to communicate.

When DAVE 2.0 client tries, it connects fine but when I try to copy a file
to the server it says something (possibly file copying) is taking up all
available resources on the server drive, so there is no space to copy the
file. This problem doesn't occur connecting to NT.

Any suggestions?

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