Samba and Timeslips

Steve Litt slitt at
Fri Dec 10 15:42:12 GMT 1999

Chris -- this is pure guess, but have you tried changing ole locking

Also, as a diagnostic, temporarily set strict sync=yes, sync always=yes,
and strict locking=yes to see if the symptom changes.

Are you doing this for law firms? If so, we should talk.

Steve Litt
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At 01:55 AM 12/11/1999 +1100, you wrote:
>Is there anyone out there who has any experience with running the
>software Timeslips on a Samba server?  Timeslips uses Paradox for its
>I have one test site that is having problems that seem related to record
>locking.  And I have several more sites in the works that use timeslips
>and want Samba servers.
>I am already using : deny_oplocks  /*.net/
>So this should force Samba to let paradox control the locks but
>something is still not right.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated, or anyone else out there with
>experience with Paradox and Samba.
>Chris Kim
>cdkim at

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