Andrew A. Razdolsky rand at kipt.kharkov.ua
Fri Dec 10 07:54:42 GMT 1999

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 03:37:44 +1100, hai scritto:
>>For example, if i have ten
>>LAN segments and i want to search
>>all MB for group "C2" 
>>nmblookup returns all LMB it
>>found on first segment where MB hosts
>>of the group present.
>>Is this a bug of nmblookup?
>nmblookup does a broadcast on your subnet (segment) to find out netbios
>You can try using -B and see if you can use another broadcast address.


I'm using nmblookup to find MBs from 
server host that has some of LAN segments.

If i want to search MB for none existent group
nmblookup searches on all segments.

querying ITT on
querying ITT on
querying ITT on
querying ITT on
querying ITT on
name_query failed to find name ITT

if searched group exists nmblookup 
searching process stops after first 
found MB host for the group.

I think this is a nmblookup bug.

giulioo at pobox.com

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	  Andrew A. Razdolsky

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