character problems

Thomas Karg dasprinzip at
Thu Dec 9 10:12:36 GMT 1999


we've the old samba-documentation of john d. blair and we use samba
1.9.18p8. the exported volumes for our windows-clients are the same as we
export with ethershare. our problem now: the ethershare (helios) can't
handle filenames with more than 32 characters and charakters like äöüÄÖÜß
(<b>also: &auml;&ouml;&uuml;&Auml;&Ouml;&Uuml;&szlig;</b>).
can we set parameters for excluding these charakters and not allowing more
than 32?

now we have problems with building the desktop (for mac-filesystem) and with
our backup.

is there anyone who can help us!

karg th.
mailto:dasprinzip at

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