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Wed Dec 8 20:19:15 GMT 1999

Craig Hansen wrote:
| Every once in a while we have a situation where someone copies a
| file from we'll say /info8/pub/word.document, to there personal
| edits the file and pastes it back to it's original location, and
| another person from "the same group" tries to access the file, their
| permissions are denied.

	This is similar to a recurring problem with Win apps:
| Many Windows applications rename their data files to datafile.bak
| create new ones, thus changing their ownership and permissions so
| members of the same Unix group can't edit them. Setting force create
| mask = 0660 will keep the new file editable by members of the group.
| see

	If you force group permissions on, and your Unix preserves
	the group, you'll be fine. If not, you may have to use
	a "force group" option on that share, so the files there
	always belong to the same group.

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