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Hansen, Craig D. hansenc at
Wed Dec 8 18:58:19 GMT 1999

Samba Techs,
Can you prevent file permission problems on Samba mounts?

    I have Samba 2.0.5a loaded on our SUN SPARCcenter 2000's and our HP-UX
9000's and I have had a file permission problem ever since 1.9.8 was installed
way back when. Every once in a while we have a situation where someone copies a
file from we'll say /info8/pub/word.document, to there personal directory, edits
the file and pastes it back to it's original location, and when another person
from "the same group" tries to access the file, there permissions are denied. I
have spent many many hours looking into this issue and I cannot come up with a
solution. Here are a few things I have tried:

1. Change the default umask on the UNIX machine to 0000 so that it would quit
taking away the "write" permission.
2. Set a sticky bit to particular directories
3. Upgraded to a 2.0 version and update the smb.conf file to be set up as a
share (example below)

        comment = Public Directory
        path = /info8/pub
        browsable = yes
        writeable = yes
        valid users = @exec @chc 
        write list = @exec @chc 
        create mask = 777
        directory mask = 777
        map archive = yes
        map system = yes
        map hidden = yes
        veto oplock files = /*.dbm/*.htm/

To make a file-share work does it have to be "name specific". For example is it
alright for the mount to be called [info8] or does it have to say something like
[first-share]. Because with the setup I have above, which I created be a
file-share to prevent the permission problems, still isn't fixing the problem!

I even looked through your FAQ list on the Samba website and found Eric Praetzel
that has had the same problems. I emailed him to see if he ever found a fix but
he said that no one had suggested anything that worked. 

THANKS in advance for any support you can give me! 

								Best Regards,
								Craig Hansen
UNIX System Administrator

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